Alumni Experiences


Walter Alberisio, Switzerland (Intake 2012-2014)

My name is Walter Alberisio. After I graduated in French and Philosophy at the University of Lausanne, I began to work in a school of the same city. I’ve found quickly Switzerland boring and I missed so much the literature’s world and my student life.
As I’m definitely in love with Italy (I already made an Erasmus in Venice during my Bachelor), I tried to enter the Master CLE. I chose the Universities of Bologna and Strasbourg in order to come back in Italy and to discover the french academic world during the second year.
I had a wonderful experience in two European student cities with colleagues coming from all over the world. My linguistic competences have upgraded really fast, I discovered so much different cultures and I have now friends on four of the five continents.


Maria Shakhray, Russia (Intake 2012-2014)

Hello to all future CLE students and welcome to the CLE world!
My name is Maria Shakhray and I come from Russia. After graduating from Moscow State University I won a scholarship to study at Erasmus Mundus CLE program – and this is how the great adventure began.
During the two years of my Master, I met friends coming from China, Greece, Macedonia, Georgia, Brazil, Switzerland, Mexico, Albania, Iran, France, Argentina… indeed from all over the world! Four years after, I can still remember every detail of our fantastic experience: our conversations and musical evenings, our wonderful trips and guided tours, all the seminars, conferences, films and books we enjoyed together. We indeed shared every new experience, including even national holidays: it was during my two CLE-years that I learnt to celebrate both Catholic and Orthodox Easter and Christmas!
So, you see, CLE is definitely more than a study program: it creates great friendship, as well as opens your mind to a number of totally new ideas, dreams and projects, a great part of which you start realizing already during the two Master years, while studying, travelling and discovering world.
Good luck and welcome everybody willing to become part of our CLE international community! See you in Bologna!


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