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Seminar: Literature and advertising

Bologna, January 23-24, 2020 |  download the program
The seminar aims to deepen the dynamics of advertising communication. Built to respond to the evolution and cultural changes of recent years, this course aims to show the richness that literature and literary criticism can offer, both in content and as a method.
Objectives: The seminar revolves around two components: a) Analysis of the narrative and rhetorical structures of advertising communication. b) Deepening of their relationship with the imagination and communication objectives.
Teachers: advertisers, marketing specialists; university professors.
Targets: Young creatives, content managers and agencies, creative directors and communication managers in the company, salespeople, product and brand managers, Web agencies, etc. Students and doctoral students in human sciences interested in the rhetorical use of the imaginary and in the application of their research in the field of advertising communication.

Fare fumetti e vivere felici. La formazione umanistica nell'editoria a fumetti

Giovanni Mattioli

May 9th, 2016  h. 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. 

Aula Tibiletti, via Zamboni 38 - Bologna


I saperi umanistici alla prova nella costruzione, nell’organizzazione, nel contesto di un festival c

Massimo Arcangeli

April 29th, 2016  h. 12 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Aula V, Via Zamboni, 38 - Bologna


La letteratura che fa vendere. Formazione umanistica e comunicazione pubblicitaria

Rossella Elisei

March 14th, 2016, 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Aula Tibiletti, Via Zamboni, 38 - Bologna


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