Nuove Conversazioni a vignetta


Nuove conversazioni a vignetta

The collaboration between the Scuola di Lettere e Beni Culturali of the Università di Bologna, the Erasmus Mundus CLE program in European Literary Cultures and BilBOlbul, the International Comic Festival, is now strong thanks to our common objectives. Our collaboration started many years ago and produced the “Nuove conversazioni a vignetta” series.

Internationally renowned authors reflect on the potentiality of the narration and the images, including comics and illustrations, in a continuous dialogue with other artistic disciplines and new media’s narrative resources.

Every year Erasmus Mundus CLE students record and transcribe the Festival’s interviews during a writing laboratory, organized within the “Seminar on European comics”.


Grammatiche. Narrazioni, linguaggi, fumetto

Nuove conversazioni a vignetta #3
With Giacomo Nanni, Lilli Carré, Richard McGuire, Benoît Preteseille, David B., José Parrondo
Edited by Alberto Sebastiani
I libri di Emil, Odoya, 2016

Five interviews with six authors talking about comics.
Giacomo Nanni, Lilli Carré, Richard McGuire, Benoît Preteseille and David B., José Parrondo tell their story, their research and their poetics in public conversations with Alessio Trabacchini, Ilaria Tontardini, Franco Minganti, Emilio Varrà, Matteo Stefanelli.

I libri di Emil



Nuove conversazioni a vignetta #2
With Anouk Ricard, Volker Pfüller, Icinori, Manuele Fior and Paolo Bacilieri
Edited by Alberto Sebastiani
I libri di Emil, Odoya, 2015

Five interviews with five authors about their search paths in the world of images.
Anouk Ricard, Volker Pfüller, Icinori, Manuele Fior and Paul Bacilieri talk about their works' origin with Liliana Cupido, Anke Feuchtenberger, Ilaria Tontardini, Emilio Varrà, Gian Luca Farinelli, Stefano Bartezzaghi and Daniele Barbieri.

I libri di Emil


Ritratti d’autore tra fumetto, illustrazione e animazione

Nuove conversazioni a vignetta #1
With Thierry Van Hasselt, Blexbolex, Gipi and Kitt y Crowther
Edited by Alberto Sebastiani
I libri di Emil, Odoya, 2014

Four interviews with four authors talking about comics.
Thierry Van Hasselt, Blexbolex, Gipi and Kitty Crowther talk about their story, their research, and their poetics with Daniele Barbieri, Alessio Trabacchini and Ilaria Tontardini.

I libri di Emil

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