Seminar "Europe on the move. Culture, Language, Citizenship and Spirituality


Increasingly obliged to face political, cultural, identity, linguistic and spiritual crises, Europe seems to be wavering today, to the point that the agreements and fraternity laid at its foundation are often called into question. Reflecting on the current state of Europe and on past, present and future solutions to the conflicts that go through it, undermining its unity, is the goal of the seminar "Europe on the move", which addresses these issues in historical, political and literary perspective, philosophical, religious, legal and artistic, thanks to the intervention of scholars and international professionals. "Europe on the move" is a public, free, international seminar organized by the Universities of Bologna, Dakar, Haute-Alsace, Lisbon, Moscow, Mumbai, Thessaloniki and Strasbourg, as part of the European project "Erasmus Mundus - CLE European Literary Cultures" of the Department of Classical and Italian Philology. It is held on 29 and 30 October 2018 in the Archiginnasio Library (Sala della Stabat Mater) and at the Department of Languages, Literature and Modern Cultures of the Alma Mater Studiorum (LILEC), under the patronage of the Municipality of Bologna. The seminar will be an opportunity to reflect on the identity of the European Union through a dialogue that is interdisciplinary and multicultural and that follows four thematic strands - culture, language, citizenship and spirituality - if, as Bernard-Henri Lévy argues, "Europe does not it's a place, but an idea ". Europe in the making is a conference that provides lectures in Italian, French and English, held by professors from the universities of Bologna, Clermont-Ferrand, Dakar, Graz, Haute-Alsace, Mumbai, Naples, Reading and Pontifical Gregorian.