First year 

Second year 

Topicos estudios classicos (ricezione nella letteratura europea - 36 ECTS)

Topicos en estudos classicos rececao de leteratura classica nas leteraturas frances, italienne, inglesa, e alemana (12 ECTS)
Topicos de estudios classicos – Historia da scienca (12 ECTS)

Langue latine avancée (12 ECTS)

Orientation méthodologique (18 ECTS)

Langue grecque avancée (6 ECTS)

Mémoire et orientation méthodologique (42 ECTS)

Topicos em comunicacao e cultura : civilizacao europeia (6 ECTS)



Some changes to the teaching planning may occur from year to year. Depending on the mobility plan, some universities may require students to obtain more credits and pass exams in the fourth semester.

Last update:  12/11/2018