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The project

H.E.A.D. is a project of the CLE Erasmus Mundus Master (European Literary Cultures) that was conceived to create a bridge between the world of liberal arts education and the labour market to open up new research perspectives and professional horizons for students as well as for the enterprises involved in the project.

The project intends to face two issues of the moment: the humanities, what role do they play in today’s labour market? Is it possible to establish an economy based on culture? To underline the value of liberal arts education and to promote its student’s professional integration, H.E.A.D. has been developed as both an educational and a research program based on a strong collaboration between the universities of the Consortium and professionals.


The partners

H.E.A.D. is a project developed within the CLE Consortium which involves all its academic and non-academic partners:

- Coordinators: Università di Bologna (Referent: Pf. Anna Paola Soncini Fratta, ITALY) and Université de Haute-Alsace, Mulhouse (Referent: Pf. Tania Collani, FRANCE).
- Academic Partners: Université de Strasburg, FRANCE; Aristoteleion Panepistimion Thessaloniki, GREECE; Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar, SENEGAL.
- Non-academic Partners: Archives et Musée de la Littérature (BELGIUM); Association des Amis d’Orizons (FRANCE); Association Xanadu (FRANCE); Bottega Finzioni S.r.l. (ITALY); Fondation Catherine Gide (SWITZERLAND); Hamelin Associazione Culturale (ITALY); Media Consultants S.r.l. (ITALY); Moreno Holding Group Spa (ITALY); Odoya S.r.l. (ITALY); Società Dante Alighieri (FRANCE); Ville de Mulhouse (FRANCE).
- Research Group: the group, composed of PhD students, researchers and professors of the University of Bologna and of the University of Haute-Alsace, organises research seminars focused on specific issues related to the project (the relation between economics and culture, the development of projects to promote liberal art education, the relation between European directives in the field of higher education and local ones).


The genesis of the project

H.E.A.D. was created within the CLE consortium in 2015 as a specific event: a three day international conference on storytelling to promote the discussion among university professors and professionals form different fields (communication, food industry, cosmetics, advertising, music and television industries). The conference took place in Bologna (8-10/01/2015) and was entitled Letteratura al Lavoro, Littérature au travail, Literature at Work - Formazione umanistica e mondi professionali.
This successful experience led to the idea of turning this international conference into an annual event, a place for university professors to meet and discuss with professionals from European enterprises and institutions and reflect on the skills developed within a liberal arts education program and the needs of the labour market.
Simultaneously, the Consortium has developed an innovative educational program, involving both research and applicative projects. The program is based on lectures and seminars addressed to the CLE students and offers them the possibility of developing an applicative Master’s thesis in this field.



First of all, H.E.A.D. is addressed to the CLE students and to the non-academic partners of the Consortium. To create a bridge between the labour market and higher education it is in fact necessary that both students and enterprises acknowledge the professional potentials of a liberal arts education
However, the project also aims to open a dialogue with the universities of the Consortium to develop a common vision to share with the enterprises and the non-academic partners in order to promote liberal arts education and professionalize students.



The objectives of the project can be summarized in three points:

- dialogue: create opportunities for liberal arts students to meet professionals of the public and private sectors to gain awareness with regard to the new needs of the labour market and of the possible professional outcomes of a liberal arts education other than the traditional ones;
- education: organisation of lectures and seminars in collaboration with the non-academic partners to develop interdisciplinary and cross-sector skills that are fundamental to create “new” professional figures;
- research: produce scientific publications on the subject and promote Master’s thesis involving students, professors and professionals from the associated non-academic partners.

To open up a dialog between universities and professionals, H.E.A.D. organises:


Annual International Conferences





  H.E.A.D. is also on Youtube

Last update:  26/04/2018