Admission criteria


In order to apply to the CLE Master's Course, both Program and Partner candidates must:

1) possess a BA-equivalent diploma (180 credits) allowing access to education Bac + 5 (i.e. a «Laurea triennale», a «Licence» or a Bachelor of Arts, etc.);
2) possess a university diploma demonstrating they have attended a class on the following subjects: Literature, Language (Expressions Techniques, Linguistic and Language Sciences, Philology), History, Art History;
3) know English (minimum level B1);
4) know the language (minimum level B1) of the University of the CLE consortium where they intend to spend their first year in the program (at least one of the following languages: Italian, French, Greek). * For the University Aristote of Thessaloniki, the language required is greek B1 OR French B1.

In case the applicants’ education was not expressed in ECTS credits, the Selection Board will establish a correspondence on the basis of the hours scheduled for the courses in each discipline.

- If the application does not satisfy these requirements, it will not be taken into consideration.

- Candidates who obtained their degree in the Italian academic system will find all information about the admission requirements in the "bando".

Last update:  09/11/2017