Program Bologna



Letteratura tedesca (6 ECTS) Estetica contemporanea (6 ECTS)
Letteratura italiana contemporanea (12 ECTS) English Literature (6 ECTS) 
Littérature française (12 ECTS) Littérature francophone européenne (6 ECTS)
Langue et traduction - Langue française (6 ECTS) Pittura in età moderna (6 ECTS) *
Lingua e Cultura italiana (12 ECTS) Teoria della letteratura (6 ECTS) *
Lavoro bibliografico in preparazione alla tesi in lingua - progetto di ricerca (6 ECTS) Seminari (6 ECTS)
Storia e racconto storico dell'età moderna (6 ECTS) Tesi e discussione della tesi (24 ECTS) 


Some changes to the teaching planning may occur from year to year. Depending on the mobility plan, some universities may require students to obtain more credits and pass exams in the fourth semester. 


 Please find here the Courses running in the current Academic Year.  


(*) Students coming to Bologna at the second academic year have already passed the exams correspondig to "Pittura in età moderna" 6 ETCS and "Teoria della letteratura" 6 ETCS. Then in their place they have to pass "Lingua e Cultura italiana" 12 ETCS.

Last update:  10/10/2019