The thesis will be presented in its final form consisting of 100-150 pages and written in a language of the consortium (the student is not allowed to write in his/her mother tongue). It is monitored in co-direction by the professors from different universities of the consortium, as per the mobility plan chosen. The thesis must be decided during the first year in agreement with a professor of the university of the fourth semester, who will be the Director of the thesis. It must be approved by the co-director, professor at the University of the first year as well as by the local coordinator. The students who choose to attend a third university must also have the agreement of the professor of this university (second co-director). The student must complete the following form.

From the first year, the student must be in contact regularly with the professor who is responsible to follow him locally in order to discuss the progress of his thesis (a form with signature of the professor is provided for this purpose). An outline of the thesis will be presented at the end of the 2nd semester in the form of a project outline (Bibliographical references, research).The thesis will then be completed and submitted at the end of the forth semester (June 10) in its final form and is then discussed in the languages of the countries where the universities are delivering the diplomas, before a jury at one of the universities of the Consortium (2017 Bologna; 2018 Strasbourg; 2019 Thessaloniki; 2020 Mulhouse).

Last update:  06/09/2016