The CLE Master’s program teaches students how to manage the manifold aspects of the European scene, offering them a multicultural education along three main methodological lines:

Cultural education in at least three domains of the European thought, ranging from literature to history and language sciences. High-level European languages education, complementing in-class with on-site practice in at least two countries of the CLE Consortium.

Dynamic education thanks to its program of international exchange. The CLE Master’s program wants to train dynamic and critical experts in the humanities, with a good awareness of country-specific problems and the ability to make competent decisions, relying on their rich cultural baggage.

Skill-based education intended to prepare the students to meet the needs of the job market. The CLE Master’s program offers several complementary activities (seminars with international scholars and professionals) aiming to improve at best its students' skills and to promote their employability. Therefore, the CLE Master's program also includes a one-week workshop studied to implement its students' competencies and creativity as well as their knowledge of the job market.


Last update:  06/01/2018