Didactic Units


CLE students can find in every single university the courses scheduled according to a general structure of four didactic units in order to allow the integration of the different mobility plans, in order to promote the student's mobility during the second year and in order to facilitate the procedure of aknowledgement:



Every student begins to study at the university of which he/she knows the language: he/she stays there during the first year learning the language of the country/ies where he/she intends to attend the courses of the second year.
The language of the courses vary according to the university providing them.

Language courses: to be able to participate to the program, students are required to know the language of the host university. Language courses are organized for this purpose. During the first year students learn or deepen their knowledge of the language of the country/ies where they intend to study in their second year.

Scientific and cultural activities: symposia, conferences, excurtions are organised by each university of the Consortium (see CLE Activities).


Last update:  20/10/2019